When is an Emergency Plumber REALLY Needed? You’ll be Surprised!

When water levels are rising faster than you can drain it, that’s an emergency for most homeowners. Shutting off the water supply should stop water from rising. Emergency averted – if it works. If it doesn’t, then you REALLY need to call an emergency plumber.

Edgware Plumbing provides an emergency response within ten miles of Edgware.

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Our Most Frequent Emergency Repair Callouts for Plumbing Related Jobs

Burst Pipes

This is definitely a job for an emergency plumber. Whether we need to be on-site right away or not will depend on whether you can isolate the water supply to stop the water from rising.

Every home has shut off valves. Two stopcocks (one internal, the other an external backup) and multiple isolation valves located near appliances that use water with relatively high pressure. Typically, those are the appliances connected to the cold-water feed such as dishwashers, washing machines, radiators, and boilers.

If isolating the water supply doesn’t stop water from flooding your home, you’ll need to get an emergency plumber.

Edgware Plumbing has fast responses for such emergencies within ten miles of Edgware. Call us on 0208 959 8182

When you’re dealing with a burst water pipe, you absolutely need a local plumber.

Someone who can be there fast because time really is money. The longer the water ingress continues, the higher the remedial cost to repair the water damage is going to be.

If you can isolate a water leak, do that, then call a local plumber asap to make a booking and save yourself the cost of an emergency call-out charge. There’s really no point when all that’s needed is to shut the water supply off. Repairs are typically done during the day anyway.

Depending on which pipe is burst and the extent of the damage, a competent plumber can have a professional repair done in a couple of hours. There really is no cause for attempting a DIY repair on a botched water pipe.

Call an emergency plumber in Edgware to repair burst pipes right the first time!

Toilet Overflowing?

Unsure if a plumber would call this an emergency? Don’t delay in calling an emergency plumber when the waters pouring over the side of your toilet bowl, flooding your bathroom floor!

An overflowing toilet is actually much more than a blockage. It’s a hygiene threat. Especially in flats where wastewater pipes connect multiple apartments. Water overflowing through the bowl of a downstairs toilet in a block of flats will pose a higher health hazard than the top flat in the same building.

Naturally, if you know you have flushed something down the toilet that’s far too thick for flushing, like a pan of grease from a chip pan or deep fat fryer, or stuffed the bowl full of kitchen roll after wiping down all your windows and mirrors, there’s a likelihood the blockage is contained to the one drainage pipe behind your toilet bowl. These can often be resolved with a plunger.

When it can’t, there is a wider drainage pipe that carries wastewater from your toilet away from the building. If the blockage is in the main sewer line, you’ll have difficulty clearing that away. In such instances, your safest option is to locate the isolation valve to shut off the water supply to the toilet so that nobody can flush it again until the blockage is cleared.

With an out-of-use toilet, it will be an emergency plumbing repair in family homes, and in particular those with only one toilet. Not so much the inconvenience, but from a sanitisation standpoint, broken toilets need to be fixed promptly.

Emergency Heating Repairs

With more gas-powered boilers connecting to the mains water supply, more plumbers are now Gas Safe Registered, providing dual emergency response to water-related problems concerning gas central heating systems.

An emergency plumber who’s also Gas Safe Registered is often called when the pilot light of boilers won’t come on, the water pressure drops significantly, or there’s no hot water but the radiators still heat up, which can indicate a broken diaphragm, an airlock, or a motorised valve has failed.

Edgware Plumbing are specialists in a number of leading brands of combi heating systems including Glow-Worm, Vokera, Vaillant, Buderus, Heatline, Ideal, and Worcester-Bosch.

We conduct a high number of annual boiler servicing on all leading boiler brands in properties stretching as far as Camden. As such, we carry a number of original brand parts letting us carry out repairs often during the same visit as we usually have parts in stock.

When you call, it helps to tell us the make and model number of your boiler, which helps us prepare for your visit by bringing the appropriate parts that are likely required.

Our emergency plumbing service is usually needed when there are leaks on the main water supply line or blockages to the main sewer line. Emergency heating repairs we cater to are any situation involving a combi boiler not firing up, having insufficient water pressure (indicative of a leak somewhere), or replacing faulty parts that are preventing any part of a heating system from functioning as it should.

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